HCM Boats are the result of experience, combined with modern technology. Many boat designs can be copied, but the construction technique is what sets them apart. Our computer controlled sheer cuts every piece out exactly the same size every time and makes construction much easier and faster, because the parts fit right the first time. Our press brake can form complex shapes in one step. This allows us to use a single sheet of marine grade aluminum. This advanced method of construction increases strength and performance without adding unnecessary extra brackets, seams or joints.

HCM 5 to 7 Stringer System

Our 5 to 7 stringer system with 7 to 11 floating bulkheads tie the boat together. Heavy duty chines protect and strengthen the boats impact.

HCM Jig System

We spend extra time on the construction of the bottom of the boat. It is braced and bolted to the jig during production. We believe how the bottom is constructed is the footprint of the boats performance in the water. Designed for extreme shallow water navigation, the Delta bottom with 11 degree V operates in water as shallow as 5 inches. Constructed for long life with double welded seams inside and out.

Flat Shaped Bow >> Cab Forward Helm >> Stick Steering

Our flat shaped Bow was designed for more visibility and additional lift. The cab forward centered helm seat is great for more visibility and get instant response with a 16” throw mechanical stick steering. These are just a few options that HCM takes pride in the construction.