“HCM did an absolute amazing job on our new boat. They helped us in every way with any questions or needs that we may have had with the boat. It is gorgeous!!! I don’t know why we didn’t do this year’s ago. I can’t thank Mark, Clint, Spike, and the rest of the crew enough for all the hard work they did in building our boat. Such an awesome group of people… if you’re thinking of a new boat this is the place you need to go!!! The Payne family loves ours.”

“I chose an HCM primarily because of the bow design, which has a relatively long and gradual rise. Consequently it does not bash into waves, and is unexpectedly smooth in light chop. It also has a welded-in subfloor that adds rigidity so the boat does not flex or twist when hitting big waves. Overall handling and performance are superb in big white water.”

“Since I got my HCM, I’ve noticed now what I’ve been missing out in a boat. The layout is so well done, you can tell there’s been a ton of thought put into these boats. Other than a great looking boat, it’s solidly built leaving me secure when running it out on any kind of water I put it into. Highly suggest giving a HCM a try!”